Suicide Silence

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This band is featured in more than one photo gallery:

6-03-07 - Bury Your Dead, Suicide Silence, Stick to Your Guns, Since the Flood, Funeral in Fame, Brothers in Arms - Holyoke, MA at the Waterfront Tavern

8-05-06 - 7 Angels 7 Plagues (reunion), Fear Before the March of Flames, The Number Twelve Looks Like You, Suicide Silence, All Shall Perish, Too Pure To Die, HeavyHeavyLowLow, This Time It's War, Nights Like These, Light This City (and more) - Fredericksburg, VA at K.C.'s Music Alley

4-28-06 - New England Metal and Hardcore Festival (Day 1) - Worcester, MA at the Palladium