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What area/state was most of your photography taken in?

Most of my photography is of Maine and probably half of that is just of my backyard here in East Vassalboro.

What types of places have you traveled to in order to get some of your non-Maine photos?

In order from earliest (first visit) to most recent:

New York City (Many times: 2000 - 2011)
Nova Scotia, Canada (Four times: May 2002, August 2004, August 2007, February-March 2011)
New Jersey (Many times: 2004 - 2011)

Chicago (May 2005)
Various regions of Quebec, Canada (Many times: 2005 - 2010)

Philadelphia and surrounding areas (Twice: December 2005 and April 2006)
Boston (Many times: 2006 - 2010)
New Hampshire (Many times: 2006 - 2010)
Vermont (5 times: April 2006, October 2006, November 2007, October 2008, May 2009)
Seattle (3 times: July 2006, September 2007, June 2009)

Alaska (Twice: July 2006 and June 2009)
Washington, D.C. (Twice: August 2006 and August 2011)
New Brunswick, Canada (3 times: May 2007, October 2009, February 2011)
Newfoundland, Canada (Twice: August 2007 and February 2011)
Labrador, Canada (August 2007)
Washington State (September 2007)
Idaho (Twice: September 2007 and June 2009)
Montana (Twice: September 2007 and June 2009)
Wyoming (September 2007)
South Dakota (September 2007)
Minnesota (Twice: September 2007 and June 2008)
Massachusetts (Twice: November 2007 and July 2008)
Upstate New York (Three times: November 2007, October 2008, May 2009)
Ontario, Canada (June 2008)
Alberta, Canada (June 2009)
British Columbia, Canada (June 2009)
Yukon Territory, Canada (June 2009)
Churchill, Manitoba, Canada (November 2009)
Arizona (April 2010)
Utah (April 2010)
Cape Cod (March 2011)

*Note: These are just the places I've actively photographed; I didn't include states, cities etc that I've traveled to for concerts or have been to for unrelated purposes.
*Last updated: September 2011

Where was (insert photo here) taken?

If you'd like to know the specific location of a photo (or anything else about any of my photos) feel free to ask by contacting me at alecphoto@fairpoint.net

How did you get (insert photo here)?  -or- What's the story behind (insert photo here)?

Each and every one of my photos has its own individual story behind it; if you'd like to know how a certain shot was taken or what the circumstances were surrounding the shot, again, feel free to ask by contacting me at alecphoto@fairpoint.net

What camera equipment do you use?

I started out around the year 2000 with a Kodak film camera that was beyond me at the time and I eventually graduated to a 2 megapixel digital camera (a revolutionary device back then) that came free with an expensive printer.  Around 2003 I upgraded to yet another basic early-model point-and-shoot; the Kodak EasyShare DX6440. Then in December of 2004 I upgraded once again to a Panasonic Lumix FZ-20 which was my main camera for the next 4 and 1/2 years. In June 2009 I upgraded to my current camera, a Canon EOS 5D Mark II. The 5D Mark II offers numerous benefits over the Lumix but I still occasionally use the Lumix from time to time for some of my photos.  With the 5DMkII I use a Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 IS USM Zoom Lens, a Sigma 50-500mm OS HSM Telephoto Zoom Lens with Sigma 2x Teleconverter, a Sigma 12-24mm HSM Ultra Wide Angle Zoom Lens, a Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 USM Macro Lens and a Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 prime lens.  I also use a Canon Speedlite 580 EX II flash (almost exclusively for concert photography), a Manfrotto 190XPROB tripod with a Manfrotto 488RC2 Ball Head and a Induro AM25 Alloy 8M Monopod with a Manfrotto 234RC Monopod Head.  Then there's a zillion other random accessories I use but you get the basic idea.

What does "lanimilbus" mean?

Spell it backwards.

Okay, I understand that "lanimilbus" is the word "subliminal" spelled backwards, but why have that as the name of your website?

I got the idea for "lanimilbus" from an episode of The Simpsons (New Kids on the Blecch, Episode #262) back in early 2001 and it has since been my internet username for most everything. The episode of The Simpsons dealt with the Navy using subliminal advertising to recruit more members, and the whole idea of subliminal messages intrigued me, which in turn led to me spelling the word backwards to create a subliminal (or "lanimilbus") message of my own. As for why the website is titled "lanimilbus.com," well, itís partly because I didnít want someone else to register my little word as a .com URL before I did, partly because I wanted to continue the theme of using "Lanimilbus" as my name for everything online and partly because the domain "alechartman.com" was already taken.

How much of your wildlife photography is actually taken in the wild? (I.E. not in a zoo/captivity)

Almost all of it, although some shots are clearly from inside a zoo or aquarium. If youíre looking at one of my photos of an animal, chances are very good that it was taken in the wild, in its natural environment. Youíll usually be able to tell when one of my photos was from inside a zoo or a similar confinement.

Are all of these photos real? (I.E. un-photoshopped)

Yes. There are no fake landscapes or digitally added/altered objects in any of my photos. What the picture looks like on the camera is essentially what you see on my web site. I do use Photoshop to add borders to my photos, as well as to slightly adjust the brightness/contrast of the picture if I feel it necessary, but other than that, there is little post-processing work done.

How do you think of the titles for your photos?

Sometimes it's just a word or phrase that comes to mind when I look at the photo and other times it's just a basic descriptive title of what's portrayed in the picture.  Other times it can be the name of a song, band, movie or book that I associate with the photo, and sometimes it can be a completely random word, phrase or sentence that has nothing to do with anything.  As you can tell by looking through the titles of my photos, some are much less original and creative than others.  A picture says a thousand words, but sometimes it's hard to pick just a few of those words to title the picture.

How many pictures total are on this website?

A lot. These are the approximate numbers as of December 2011.

Photos in nature/wildlife/miscellaneous photography: 3,350 photos

Photos in concert photography: 3,083 photos

Total pictures overall: ~6,433 photos

It's nearing the end of 2011.  Why are the most recent photos on your site from January 2008?

There are a couple reasons for this...it mostly boils down to two issues.  The first is that back at the end of 2007 my computer crashed and I lost just about everything and had to start over from scratch on an entirely new computer with an entirely new operating system -- the new OS had all sorts of compatibility problems with the web editing software and it took me literally 15 months just to get two months' worth of photos uploaded using the new system.  That update came at the end of November 2008.  It then took me another year just to get the next three months of photos uploaded.  That update came at the end of November 2009 and consisted of photography from the months of November '07, December '07 and January '08.  As of now, September 2011, those are the last galleries to appear in the nature/wildlife/miscellaneous section of my website.

Even though it's been close to 4 years since my last photo gallery update, I definitely haven't stopped taking photos during that time and in fact that's the second big issue.  Without any easy way to publish my work, my weekly, monthly and yearly photos began to pile up into this massive, unprocessed heap of backlogged work that grew ever larger with the constant influx of new photos I take on a daily-to-weekly basis.  The number of photos I took quadrupled once I got my Canon 5D Mark II in June of 2009 and between February 2008 and now (September 2011) there's a backlog of well over 150,000 photos that have yet to be processed, published or even looked at in some cases.  I've tried picking away at the pile a little bit at a time over many months but for every batch of 10 photos that I process, 500 new ones come in the same day to replace them...so it's been slow going.  I think I may eventually hire someone to help me sort through and process all the unpublished work I have since it *is* excellent stuff in my opinion (and I tend to be pretty hard on my work) so I hate having it go totally unseen like this.  If you think you'd be up for helping me sort through, narrow down, organize, process and/or publish any (or all) of my backlog of unseen photos, by all means shoot me an e-mail and I'd be happy to discuss a plan with you!

How long have you had this website for?

I registered the domain and bought the hosting for it sometime in Summer 2005, spent a few months building it, and its official completion date/debut was on November 30th, 2005.


Have any other questions not answered on this page?  E-mail me at alecphoto@fairpoint.net

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